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The benefits of youth sports promote healthy lifestyles and safe environments for stronger neighborhoods and more wholesome communities. A primary goal in youth sports is to encourage active participation by all youth in fun and healthy physical activities according to their age, interests, and abilities.

Research shows that young people who participate in athletics get better grades, devote hours to studying, think more about their future, aspire to attend and graduate from college, and have lower suspension and expulsion rates. It is reported that players reported lower rates of unhealthy behavior such as drinking and smoking, and are less likely to be overweight or become obese. Other studies back up these reports that show there is evidence-based research showing youth who play sports get better grades, plan to attend college, and are more community minded.

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Adam Vasquez |Recreation Manager


“Hot Shots Sports was founded in 1994 by Steve Duman and has been bringing its message of positive, growth-focused Coaching to the Midwest and beyond ever since. Our goal from the beginning was to provide a place for passionate people to have careers coaching kids, and to help kids find passion for sports. We dedicate our lives to providing the absolute best instruction possible to you and your family. We pride ourselves at being the most professional organization both on and off the court. Coaching is a way of life for us, something that does not turn off when we leave the gym. Our dedicated staff are driven to impact your community, family, and child’s life for the better.

Because each child is unique, we understand that every class is as well.  We train our staff with “flex curriculums” allowing them to engineer game plans specifically tailored to the participants in their class.  That way, no matter what the skill level, your child will improve and be pushed to to discover the best player and teammate they possibly can be. Unlike other organizations, we have Full Time Coaches and Managers to ensure Quality Control and consumer expectations are met, and with our innovative Coaching strategy are constantly training our staff on news ways to improve the way we motivate the kids in our program.

We understand the importance of customer service, both to the player and to the parents. We strive to grow every day, the same way we encourage our players to, to constantly be at the top of our game.”