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Caring, fun, creative, encouraging!  

 My daughters Janelle and Jaylah love the programs at Streamwood Park district (Starlights and Theater) and love their teachers. They are always excited to tell what they did in their class and how much fun they have. Thank you to all of you who have made these activists fun and exciting as well as caring for them and helping them build their confidence while performing. Thank you 💜💙

 To Mrs. Gina, Mrs. Rachel and Ms. Melissa

You’re all kind, fun, and talented.  You inspire us to be better dancers.  Thanks for sharing your love of dance.


4th – 8th Graders

Our new children’s choir will focus on singing all different types of music, including foreign language songs. Music will be challenging which will foster growth and create well-rounded musicians. Performances will include district events, senior centers, and a small concert at the conclusion of the program season.


Ages 5 years +

Come learn the building blocks of music with one-on-one piano instruction, as Miss Maddie uses different piano curriculums to teach students about music. Books are not included but are a one-time purchase until books are completed. Each session is 30 minutes long.


Ages 10 years +

Students will sing songs in foreign languages and different genres such as musical theatre, pop, classical, and folk. The purchase of books and sheet music is optional but highly recommended. All lessons are 30 minutes in length.