After-school Club
During the U-46 School Year

Streamwood Park District’s After-school program provides a wonderful balance of structure, education, and recreational time.

Our highly trained staff provides a safe and fun environment for the children in our care. Our facilities enable participants to swim, play sports and games, work on crafts, complete homework assignments, attend field trips, and even partake in fitness activities. Our ratios of instructors to participants help our staff more effectively engage children in a structured and fun small group environment.

Available Schools:

  • Glenbrook Elementary
  • Hanover Countryside
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Hilltop Elementary
  • Oakhill Elementary
  • Ridge Circle Elementary
  • St. John the Evangelist
  • Sunnydale Elementary


Upon registering, the participant will be registered for the entire school year, August-May. If the participant drops out of the program for any reason, it is not guaranteed that a position will be open to return to the program later. A deposit of the child’s first full month is required at the time of registration if you choose to monthly debits. $100 of that deposit is non-refundable if your child withdrawals before the start of school.

Registration must occur at least three business days prior to the child’s first day. Your child is not completely registered until the Director of the program has contacted you, the deposit is paid, and all e-PACT forms are filled out correctly and submitted to the Director. We request that parents notify the school and your child’s teacher that your child will be attending the Streamwood Park District’s After School Club.


Monthly Payments

Please read through as payment processes have changed!

*You may register for 3,4 or 5 days*

The Afterschool club offers a monthly Auto Withdrawal to a credit card on file. You must leave a credit card on file at the time of registration. You may also pay in full at the time of registration for $20 off. The total instructional days for students have been calculated and divided evenly between 10 months. *Any student who signs up after the start of school will be charged $17 per day multiplied by the number of days left in that month as their deposit.

Credit cards will be run on the 3rd of every month, August-May.

By signing up for the monthly Auto Withdrawal program you are held responsible for having funds in your account at that time. If the 3rd falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your account will be charged on the following Monday. If your card is declined, registration will contact you via phone call. You will have 48 hours from when your card is declined to pay your balance. If your balance is not paid, you will be notified that your child’s care has been suspended until payment is received and a $20 nonrefundable service fee will be added to your account. Upon suspension and a $20 nonrefundable service fee, a daily non-refundable service fee of $5 per day will be added to your account every day until payment is received. If payment is not received within ten (10) business days from the 3rd of the month then your child will be removed entirely from the After School Club Program for the remainder of the year and the full payment for the new year is required at the time of registration for the following year, plus any outstanding dues.